Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Ulibarri: From “Reverse Lobbyist” to State Senator?

Jessie Ulibarri attempts to translate a career in advocacy into a bid for office

Who’s the “Snob” When You Can’t Compete?

Having unskilled and uneducated workers won't advance U.S. competitiveness

Looking for the Anti-Romney? Yeah, right …

The Republican primary is not about "anybody but Romney." It is all about race.

Ohio Tragedy and Michigan Fiasco

Politic365's Lenny McAllister on the Ohio shooting and the Michigan primary

Hey: Where Did All the Black Republicans Go?

It's a question worth asking when you hit the RNC's home page

GOP Tricks on Immigration are for Kids, Not For States

States are too low on cash to seriously enforce immigration laws

Michigan is that Sweep Santorum Wants

Politic365's Lenny McAllister talks race and class in the GOP primary on CNN

On College, Why Rick Santorum is Really “Fake”

Ron Paul was spot on last week - Santorum's latest hit is too comical to be serious