Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Coca-Cola Focused on Water, Women and Well-Being in the New Year

Roland Martin, seasoned journalist, political pundit, and host of TVOne's NewsOne Now, recently interviewed Lisa Borders, President of The Coca-Cola Foundation about her vision for the organization.

Fighting Childhood Obesity, One Community at a Time

By Shavon Arline-Bradley, Senior Director, NAACP Health Programs As children everywhere head back to school, filling their book bags with folders and their lunch boxes...

Michelle Obama Praises Wal-Mart’s “Great For You” Seal

"These companies are showing us that what's good for kids and good for family budgets can also be good for business."

Exploring the Food Justice Movement On a Micro Level

In lower income cities across America, it is more likely to find liquor stores and fast food restaurants instead of fully stocked grocery stores...

Politics of Childhood Obesity 101

By Gilda Claudine Karasik This is an issue that is plaguing the country as whole but the statistics are disproportionately worse when it comes to...

Michelle Obama Wants to Give Women Voters the Big “O”

Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" program blows off steam in more ways than one

Hey America: Mexico Has Better Policy Debates Than You Do

In the U.S., our policy discourse has devolved into making pizza a vegetable as a way to solve obesity

Why Are Black People Dying in their Sleep?

Public health officials need to place greater urgency on the dangers of sleep apnea

Coca Cola Steals Your Mind – says UCLA

Michelle Obama is on to something - now, if we can only stop drinking enough soda to think about it

Don’t Throw Black Women Under Their Own Weight

Black will always be beautiful. But, simultaneously, good health will be vital, too