Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Newark Mayor Cory Booker Forms PAC for Possible Senate Run

One of America’s rising star mayors may make a leap onto a national stage if observer predictions prove to be true. Cory Booker of...

Justice Department Investigating Police Department Practices

Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez said goal of Department of Justice's investigation of Seattle Police was to ensure accountability, respect and trust.

Charlotte Mayor Holds Real-Time Twitter Chat with Residents

Dubbed the “Tweet Conference,” Mayor Anthony Foxx answered questions for one hour from residents of the Queen City on January 23.

Polling Projectors Keep an Close Eye on the Garden State

The battleground for 2012 is already beginning to take shape, with veteran political observers looking for signs of where the electorate might end up in two years.

Mark Zuckerberg Floods Newark School System with $100 million Donation

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg will be donating $100 million over five years to the perennially troubled Newark public school system.

Booker in Good Spot to run for Governor in 2014

Recent political events play to Booker’s favor should city politics get worn and he aims for Trenton. He won’t publicly entertain any thoughts of statewide bids – but, privately, insiders say the conversation is taking place.

Clifford B. Janey Being Released Amid Controversy In Newark School District

Characterizing a tumultuous week for New Jersey educators, the state was rocked with news of another government shake-up as Newark city school Superintendent Clifford B. Janey received word that his three-year contract will not be renewed.

Booker’s Rising

Now into a second term leading the infamous “Brick City” of Newark, NJ, Cory Booker is the politician’s politician that makes other politicians look bad. A solid mix of telegenicism, wit, knuckle-up shrewdness and policy wonkishness – all topped with public compassion and constituent attachment. For someone sitting atop the urban Olympus that is the center of Jersey universe, the state’s notorious political machine seems unable to keep up. In a state as small as Jersey, we’ll place bets that Booker is the dude to watch once his new term is up.

Cory Booker Re-Elected in Newark

Cory Booker won a second term as mayor of Newark, N.J. last night. It appeared to be an easy win with Booker receiving over...