Monday, February 19, 2018
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Geronimo Pratt, 1947-2011: Black Panther Member Jailed 27 Years For Unlawful...

Former Black Panther member, Geronimo Pratt, in recent years known as Geronimo Ji Jiga, 63, passed away at his home in Tanzania, at his home Thursday, June 2.

Justice Department Investigating Police Department Practices

Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez said goal of Department of Justice's investigation of Seattle Police was to ensure accountability, respect and trust.

A Personal Account of a 2011 Student Freedom Rider

As part of the 50 year anniversary celebration of the Freedom Rides, PBS hosted a 20-city re-enactment journey of the original Freedom Rides. From May 6-17, I along with 39 other students, five original freedom riders and Ray Arsenault, author of “Freedom Rides: 1961 and the Struggle For Racial Justice,” followed the original route from Washington, D.C. to New Orleans, Louisiana. Anniston, Alabama was one such stop.

When A City Is No Longer Dark Chocolate, Are Its Politicians?

The 2000 Census has confirmed what anyone walking in urban neighborhoods already knew, black folks are leaving the cities in droves. They are leaving for the suburbs where public schools are better and square footage cheaper.

Redistricting and the Black Caucus

In less than a month we will have a clearer picture of how redistricting will effect the districts of the current 44 black members of the Black Caucus.

Ronald Sharpe Chosen to Fill Longtime Vacant U.S. Attorney Post in...

Ronald W. Sharpe was recently nominated by President Barack Obama to fill the position that covers the U.S. Virgin Islands.

New Orleans Congressman Cedric Richmond Sure to Rise in D.C.

Combined with the endorsement of President Barack Obama and a stellar political campaign, Richmond’s election was a stand-out Democratic success story from the 2010 midterms.

New Orleans’ Charter School Experiement

In order to regain footing, New Orleans will need to make an extraordinary effort towards rebuilding its infrastructure, with much emphasis placed on a fledgling public school system.

Bush Memoir “Decision Points” Less Contrite than Self-Affirming

Former President George W. Bush’s newly released memoir “Decision Points” is creating a stir of curiosity mixed with some interesting revisions on major events from his Presidency.

Charter Schools: The Catalyst for Change?

Many charter schools have become fierce advocates for change. Change teachers. Change Principals. Change governing bodies.