Monday, April 23, 2018
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Chris Christie to Nets: “Don’t Let the Door Hit You”

New Jersey's abrasive Governor gives the sports team break-up a whole new name and narrative

Putin to Obama: Sex Buys You Votes

Also up for re-election, Vladimir Putin can give Barack Obama lessons for 2012

Putin vs. Russia’s “Eminem”

Billionaire presidential candidate Mikhail Prokhorov is Russia's hottest new emcee ... barely.

Prokhorov’s Plan to Post-Up Putin

What do you do when you’re the 32nd richest man in the world? Buy one of the world’s biggest yachts then lose it? Check. Party so hard that French...

Tired of NFL Lockout? Here Comes the NBA’s Version

The NFL lockout is entering its third month, but there is a reason for optimism.  After negotiations broke off in March, the players union...

Jay-Z Under Investigation by NBA for Kentucky Visit

In the end, Jay-Z can expect a hefty fine for his seemingly innocent trip into Kentucky’s locker room. The Wildcats have two definite first-round picks on their team, but it is uncertain whether Jay-Z said anything to them to convince them to leave school early.