Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Misinformed and Misguided: NAACP Slaps Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones

Discuss Anything Other Than Police Misconduct. In the world of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones you get to tell your employees what to do even...

Black Leaders Endorse Cornell William Brooks as NAACP President & CEO

In the days following the announcement by the NAACP National Board of Directors that Cornell William Brooks would be the Association’s next National President and CEO, Black...

Leading Civil Rights Advocates Challenge FCC Rule Comprising Constitutional Freedoms

The nation’s largest civil rights groups recently wrote the Federal Communications Commission protesting a proposed staff recommendation that would require respondents to Commission proceedings...

What’s Up With the NAACP on Gay Marriage?

With all the challenges Black folks face these days, how did gay marriage become a central issue for the NAACP?

Digital Hollywood Takes Beltway by Storm

MMTC honors Digital Pioneers and a Champion of Digital Equality.

National Urban League and NAACP Presidents Meet With President Obama

“It is clear that the unemployment numbers throughout the country require effective legislation and tangible action to address the crisis. To address the unemployment...

NAACP Remains A Formidable Force for Civil Rights Advocacy

The NAACP is actively engaged in increasing the African American responsiveness of citizens to be fully engaged in the democratic process.

Conservative Raleigh Area School Board Abolishes Desegregation Practices

The Wake County Public School System is in turmoil because of new policies set forth by its nine-member conservative board eliminating the district’s integration policy.

Comcast-NBCU Deal Charts a Path Toward a More Diverse Media Environment

The National Urban League applauds Comcast for stepping up to make diversity a top priority of its proposed joint venture with NBC Universal.

One Nation Working Together: An Insider’s View

On October 2, 2010, more than 500 progressive organizations will converge in the Lincoln Memorial for the One Nation Working for Change rally.