Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Television Leaves Black Kids Trapped in White Snow

If you are a young Black boy on TV you're a chubby side-kick, have no luck with girls and you are soft and deferential

Lisa Howze Is Pressed to Be Detroit’s Next Mayor

State Rep. Lisa Howze just can't wait to be Mayor of a city in crisis

Motown’s Mayor Gets Push Back

The city of Detroit is in dire financial straits and Mayor Dave Bing is trying to correct the course before it’s too late. The state...

Detroit’s Financial Turf War With Michigan

City and state government officials are gearing up for a public fight about how to rescue cash-strapped Detroit from a financial meltdown. The Motor City’s...

Detroit Could Use This: 1,500 New Workers Hit Motown’s Downtown

If there's one city that needs gigs, it's Motown. And they just got 1,500 of them from Quicken Loans.

Conyers, Clarke May Switch Seats in Michigan’s Redraw Madness

As the summer heat wore on, so did swirling rumors about an impending intra-party political battle in Detroit as Michigan’s new redistricting map came...