Monday, April 23, 2018
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This Vet Not For Romney

Presidential contender, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, is a Chickenhawk who talks fast and loose, and is willing to jeopardize American lives.

Mitt Romney: Racial Folk Hero

Guess who really got clowned at the NAACP convention this week

Oprah, Reagan and Mitt Romney’s Views on Education

Asked nearly half a dozen times whether or not he would overturn President Obama’s decision to stop deporting undocumented youth, affording them the opportunity...

When Black Politics Gets Metta World Peaced

You can talk about gay marriage, abortions and contraceptives. But, talk about race, and you'll get an elbow in the face

Romney Could Provide a Formidable Challenge to Obama

When former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney ended months of speculation by announcing his candidacy for president, he brought star power to a field of...