Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Can Democrats Come Back in The South? In 2012, Maybe

It is a certainty in Congressional Campaigns in the south is that there are not many Democratic candidates with a sure shot at winning. Obama is on the ticket next year and Democratic turnout will be high, even in Southern states.

Unemployment Funding Bill Raises Red Flags

The Congressional Black Caucus chairman, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Missouri, said Camp “is attempting to strip unemployment benefits, thereby denying millions of Americans the ability to make ends meet.”

Missouri Law Ineffective: More Black Teens, Not Less, Prosecuted as Adults

Despite an unusual state law requiring judges to consider racial disparity when deciding whether to transfer cases, a disproportionate number of African American teens continue to be prosecuted in Missouri courts.

Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx Makes Progress on DNC Committee Preparations

Officials in Charlotte, North Carolina are wasting no time in preparing for the Democratic National Convention, a gathering that will be the city’s most visible political event in its history.

Taking Account of America’s Ten Most Segregated Cities

On Tuesday, Daniel Denvir reporting for Salon Magazine identified America’s ten most segregated cities.

Redistricting and the Black Caucus

In less than a month we will have a clearer picture of how redistricting will effect the districts of the current 44 black members of the Black Caucus.

CBC Members Speak Out Against House Republicans Continuing Resolution

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus have voiced their displeasure with the latest attempt by House Republicans to shut down the federal government.

William “Lacy” Clay Follows Father’s Legacy, Blazes Own Trail

Since 2000, Lacy Jr. has forged his own path in Congress, and started off his term seated in some of the most powerful committees in the House.

Cleaver Keeps it Real from Show Me State to Capitol Hill

The newly minted Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus has the distinction of being one of the few members within the Caucus to represent a district that is majority White. It’s considered an oddity within a Caucus that can attribute its growth to the explosion of majority-Black Congressional districts under the Voting Rights Act – and it’s typically assumed that all CBC Members represent overwhelmingly African American and urban districts. But, Cleaver’s 5th Congressional district is a bit under 30% Black, which may be a testament to his political skill and acumen in a state like Missouri.

Make it Charlotte

It should come as little surprise that the Democratic National Committee announced Charlotte, North Carolina as the site of its 2012 nominating convention.