Monday, February 19, 2018
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Assault on reproductive rights continues in the south

In recent months, there has been a trend restricting reproductive rights in the southern states. Here are some of the recent examples: 1. Tennessee Governor...

Net-Energy Metering: Who Really Benefits

Net-energy metering is a system designed to allow customers to receive kilowatt-hour and/or financial credits for energy they generate (via rooftop solar systems, for...

Immigration Crackdowns Credited for Record Drop in Hispanic Teen Pregnancy

A new report states that the economy and immigration crackdowns are credited for a significant drop in teen pregnancies among nearly all US States.   This week...

SCOTUS Hears Voting Rights Act Challenge, Will Likely Uphold Law

Yesterday, the US Supreme Court heard the state of Alabama’s challenge to section 5 of the Voting Rights Act in the Shelby County v....

6 Million Ex-offenders, Felons Given Voting ‘Death Sentence’

By Feddie Allen of The Washington Informer Nearly 6 million former prisoners –1 million of them Black – will not be able to vote in...

Mitt Romney’s Hard Sell

Mitt Romney wears blue jeans, rolls up his sleeves, and claims to campaign as "a man of the people"

4 Choices For America and the RNC

What makes your skin crawl the most - cars for criminals, Trayvon Martin, DNA databanks or "Obamacare?"

TJ Holmes, Political Stars, and What’s “Unforgivable”

McAllister raps with newsman TJ Holmes about voter attitudes

Is it the Gas Prices … Stupid??

Obama is probably the first president to admit he can't control gas prices. But, will that matter?

Voter ID Puts Texas On Its Own … For Now

DOJ slaps back on Lone Star state's poll tax disguised as a anti-voter fraud law