Friday, April 20, 2018
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President Obama turns to the private sector in nomination for V.A....

President Obama has turned to the private sector in attempting to clean up the Department of Veteran's Affairs in announcing that the former CEO...

Washington’s Political Gridlock: A Self-inflicted Wound

  For months there have been endless warnings of the economic, military, and societal decay that will take effect if obstructionists in Congress repeat their...

This Vet Not For Romney

Presidential contender, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, is a Chickenhawk who talks fast and loose, and is willing to jeopardize American lives.

Good Wars, Bad Wars and America’s Destiny

I last wrote about the need to reduce America’s massive military budget. I wrote in the context of the strain excessive spending at the...

LA Mayor: Romney Should “Come Clean” on Immigration

Showing his DNC Chair colors, Mayor Villaraigosa begins throwing punches at the GOP

The Afghanistan Massacre: Murder or Sleep Violence?

There were warning signs before Sgt. Bales' horrific shooting spree in Afghanistan.

Here We Go With Volatile Oil Prices … Again

We may be headed into a new year, but some news just doesn’t change. Oil prices are shaping up for another roller coaster year...

U.S. to China: Raise You a Hypersonic Bomb

In what is sure to excite everyone from war-mongering hawks to peace-loving hippies, the U.S. may have just developed a bomb that will end...

Intel and White House Launch Veteran’s Employment Training Program

An initiative formed to train some of the 39,000 veterans returning to the United States from Iraq and Afghanistan by the end of the year.

Weekend Religious Violence in Egypt Claims 25 Lives

The latest series of bloodshed was mounted from a protest on Sunday in Cairo for equality of places to worship for Coptic Christians. Christians and Muslims united to argue for rights for the religious sect.