Friday, April 20, 2018
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Michigan DREAMers Get Driver’s Licenses; Struggles Go On Elsewhere

While some considered President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) a success others were concerned about what it meant for the day...

The Latino Vote: Obama, the Economy, Hate and Democrats

Latino voters accounted for 10% of the voting population in the 2012 election, up from 2008, and in several races these voters proved to...

Time to Stop Inaccurate, Discriminatory Voter Purges

By Katherine Culliton-González, Director of Voter Protection at The Advancement Project States across the country are attempting to purge voter rolls of alleged noncitizens in an alarming escalation...

Nigerian Pre-Med Student’s Immigration Bill Heads to the House

Victor Chukwueke is close to making his dreams of becoming a surgeon true, but he's hit a bump in the road. Chukwueke, a 26...

#CrisisInChicago: Chicago’s End of Days – And the End of Black...

There's a vacuum of selective ignorance surrounding Windy City's homicide problem

DREAMers to Obama: Executive Order Now

There's a national movement of Latino youth brewing - and they want something done about the DREAM Act now

Tired of the Republican primary? Thank Michael Steele

This exhaustive GOP primary process is all former RNC Chair Michael Steele's fault

Mitt Romney is The Cardiac Kid

Romney didn't make a comback, but he is giving conservatives a collective heart attack

Ulibarri: From “Reverse Lobbyist” to State Senator?

Jessie Ulibarri attempts to translate a career in advocacy into a bid for office

Who’s the “Snob” When You Can’t Compete?

Having unskilled and uneducated workers won't advance U.S. competitiveness