Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Metta World Peace, The Fugitive, and Why We’re Going Over the...

I give up, the politicians have truly won this time. I have been saying for weeks on CNN, HLN, Al Jazeera and every other...

Necrotizing Politics

What does it take for a president to care about you when you die?

Yogi Berra Would Say 60 is the New 50

Recent ballot initiative outcomes mean 60% is just 50% of the 50% that care to vote

John Edwards’ Wife Didn’t Scare Him, So Why the Feds?

This case is not about campaign finance violations. It's about people who will always find ways around the system

When Black Politics Gets Metta World Peaced

You can talk about gay marriage, abortions and contraceptives. But, talk about race, and you'll get an elbow in the face