Monday, March 19, 2018
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Meet John Ehret: Germany’s Anti-Obama

Germany finally got its very own "Barack Obama" - but he seems extremely reluctant to take on that job

Kim Kardashian Wants to Be Your Mayor – For Real

And in the off chance the race gets close, the Black male vote will get her over the top

Kasim Reed’s Bet on Southwest

While the Atlanta Mayor mulls his political future, nothing wrong with flying Southwest on the way

Nagin Legacy Corrupted by Corruption Charges

Corruption charges take the Nagin legacy in the wrong direction

Cleveland Mayor Gambles a Game Change

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson thinks he can change the city's schools

Lisa Howze Is Pressed to Be Detroit’s Next Mayor

State Rep. Lisa Howze just can't wait to be Mayor of a city in crisis

Anthony Foxx Cans Gubernatorial Talk

Foxx is keeping his eye on the Convention prize

D.C.’s Budget Surplus: The Hand that Itches

Cities would love to be where the District is now

Kasim Reed’s Hard Line on ATL Transit

Mayor Reed has ATL’s transit woes heavy on his mind

Motown’s Mayor Gets Push Back

The city of Detroit is in dire financial straits and Mayor Dave Bing is trying to correct the course before it’s too late. The state...