Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Former AT&T Exec Heads to Dallas Mavericks as Interim CEO

After 36 years working for AT&T in various roles, and a brief retirement during which she managed her own consulting practice, Cynthia Marshall has...

To Go to the White House Or Not

When the NBA announced the schedule for its new 66-game shortened season, the schedule-makers overlooked one thing—they forgot to schedule the NBA World Champion...

Diddy Jr. Goes to UCLA

Add sports dad to Sean Combs’ long list of titles. The music and fashion mogul’s son, Justin Combs, the 132nd rated cornerback in the country (according to,...

Lockout on the Outs as Stars Go on World Tour

As the lockout gets longer, some players are finding other ways to make money while owners are digging in. Oh yeah: the President finally said something.

“We’re Playing … [No] Basketball”

With NBA and NBPA lunching on the fans with neither side willing to give, we might need ESPN to up its game on Classic programming.