Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Recall Efforts in Wisconsin Help Democrat Dave Hansen Keep State Senate...

Democrats in Wisconsin are celebrating the victory of one of their own in the state’s recall efforts that gained steam earlier this year.

Wisconsin Unions Get Recall Elections, Key Injuction

The political tide in Wisconsin is now flowing in the direction of state Unions. Oddly enough, labor unions obtained enough petition signatures to recall 9 of the state’s Republican senators. Elections begin in June, 2011.

Florida Statehouse May Turn Against State Workers for Cost Savings

If protests happen next week, Florida will join Wisconsin and Ohio in very public battles pitting state employees against Legislatures seeking to cut government spending.

Budget Cage Match Unfolding On and Off Capitol Hill

Democrats and Republicans exchanged public artillery over President Barack Obama’s $3.7 trillion budget for Fiscal Year 2012.

Henry Sanders Quest for Lt. Gov. of the Badger State

When mulling Henry Sanders’ bid for Lieutenant Governor in a state like Wisconsin, it might seem slightly surreal at first glance. After all, he is a Black man in a Midwestern state where less than 7 percent of the population is African American. But, then again, Sanders is only running for Lt. Governor … right? Conventional wisdom might relegate that spot to nothing more than ceremonial, but Sanders is ready to take it next level.