Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Let’s Move Program? We Can Ignore Michelle Obama After August 1st

Michelle Obama has been encouraging Americans to eat healthy ever since she stepped into the White House as FLOTUS, and it seems to have...

How to Play the ALEC Game

Orgs like Color of Change get props for exposing ALEC, but maybe people of color should take a look at how ALEC does it

Bob McDonnell Wants the Job Nobody Wants

The once popular Virginia Governor is sweating Mitt Romney hard to be the next Vice President

Enough With the Hoodies Already

The choice of a "hoodie" as the symbol for a social movement is not what our ancestors had in mind

When the Teachers Bully the Kids

With budget cuts pushing good teachers out, look for a rise of bad teachers permeating the system

Obama, Bush or Clinton: Who Put More Blacks at the Top?

How does President Obama rank against Bush and Clinton in terms of the number of Blacks put in power?

When Black Politics Gets Metta World Peaced

You can talk about gay marriage, abortions and contraceptives. But, talk about race, and you'll get an elbow in the face