Friday, March 23, 2018
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CBO: Middle Class Tax Relief Will Increase Deficits

Throwing a wrench in the payroll tax cut debate, here come the Congressional Budget Office with its say in the matter: the Middle Class...

Do Handouts Keep Hands Out?

In discussing Black voting patterns, political choices and socio-economic conditions, there is an undercurrent ideology that can be used to perpetually subjugate and invalidate...

Perry’s Porn Problem; Rubio Snubs Univision; Dems Get WV Back

Either Karl Rove doesn't play or Perry has a porn problem; Marco Rubio and GOP just don't get it in boycott of Univision; Dems actually won something in West VA

Baking Away an Opportunity

A conservative past has put young Republicans in the oven, but hopefully the missed opportunity gives them a little something to chew on.

The Jobs Factor: President Obama’s Great Challenge Tonight

With the 2012 presidential election a little over a year away, President Barack Obama and the Republican candidates are wasting no time marking their...

District Sees End of The Chocolate City Era?

In the 1975, Parliament released the album “Chocolate City” as a tribute to Washington, the first city to have a majority black population in...

By the Skin of Pelosi’s Clenched Teeth

Time will tell whether or not Pelosi can hang on as Minority Leader … or whether she can engineer a quick comeback by 2012.

Risky Political Calculas Involved in Tax Cut Deal

The final House passage of the controversial tax cut deal ultimately defies the conventional wisdom that President Barack Obama is politically weakened.

Obama’s Uphill Polling Battle on Tax Cuts and 2012

A series of recently released polls pose a major test for President Barack Obama heading into the 2012 presidential election cycle.

Democrats, Republicans: Got Third Party?

Defying conventional political wisdom and in what some experts describe as primal rage against the machine, a majority of Americans desire a third political party.