Thursday, April 26, 2018
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The Rise of Support Networks for LGBT Teens

Over the past few years we have seen a dramatic turn around in the way that people view the LGBT community. We now have...

Black, Gay, and the Struggle with Marriage Equality

I often find myself pondering whether the LGBT movement is becoming one based on entitlement and privilege.

Cuba’s First Transgender Elected Official Takes Office

Adela Hernandez made history this month as Cuba’s first transgender elected officer.  Hernandez, 48, was elected delegate to the municipal government of Caibarien in...

Is this Your Grandfather’s Republican Party?

One thing we're learning this Memorial Day, is that politicians put party before country.

Is it Christian Right or Rush’s “Slut” Right for GOP?

McAllister asks how much more material do Republicans want to give Democrats

What Immigrant Rights Advocates Can Learn from the LGB’t’ Movement

Special to Politic365 from David Jacobsen for DailyGrito Maybe it's time. Finally. Every forty years or so, people want change.  Some are reconsidering the mid-points of...

New York Marks First Day of Same-Sex Marriages with Celebrations and...

Same-sex unions are now underway in New York, bringing to life the new legislation that Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law last month. Sunday marked...

Push Continues for Marriage Equality in Colorado

New York's passage of marriage equality legislation in June has been an inspiration to state lawmakers in other parts of the country. Enthusiasm is growing...

Republican Votes Make Same-Sex Marriages a Reality in New York State

With a hurried signature shortly before midnight, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a same-sex marriage bill into law Friday and gave New York State a place in American social history.

Obama Says “Bullying is Not a Rite of Passage”

Today the Obama Administration demonstrated its commitment to ensuring no more lives are needlessly lost by hosting a White House Conference on Bullying Prevention.