Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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LeBron James Answers Fox News Host on “Shut Up and Dribble”...

Fox News host Laura Ingraham went after basketball superstar LeBron James, admonishing him to “shut up and dribble and leave political comments to people...

LeBron James, Other Players Boycott Trump Hotel in NYC

ESPN is reporting that a group of professional basketball players with the Cleveland Cavaliers will avoid staying at a Trump hotel in New York...

The Mortgage Interest Deduction is Not the Holy Grail

The issue of home ownership can be emotional. Home ownership has been tied to wealth creation, community and family stability, and economic development for...

Puerto Rico Attempts Bail Reform (Again)

Yet again, Puerto Rico is split in halves regarding an upcoming bail reform vote

Oklahoma City Thunder and Stolen Dreams

This is not about LeBron - this is about owners who lie and cheat and hold cities hostage then line their pockets

NBA Finals: Confessions of a Militant Sports Fan

I want LeBron to stick it to all of those racist, entitled Cleveland knuckleheads who burned his jersey

LeBron and D-Wade: It’s Superman and Batman Time

Stop saying Lebron and D-Wade are Batman and Robin. Leave comic book comparisons to the experts

Chris Christie to Nets: “Don’t Let the Door Hit You”

New Jersey's abrasive Governor gives the sports team break-up a whole new name and narrative

Marcy Kaptur Pulls a LeBron on Dennis Kucinich

A Rust Belt face-off paints the Anti-War icon in the same vein as Lebron James

Linsanity, LeBron and Locker Room Racism

Lessons in Lin and LeBron offer a glimpse into sports' ugly side: racism