Friday, February 23, 2018
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Morial to FCC: Deliver Promise of Digital Equity, Opportunity to MWBEs

Noting that the Attributable Material Relationship rule has been a hindrance to participation by bona fide Designated Entities in spectrum incentive auctions, Marc Morial, President and...

Legislators, Civil Rights Leaders Remain Front and Center in Tech/Telecom Space

In 1995, digital inequality based on race, gender, income and geography captured the nation’s attention:  the “digital divide.”  Over the next two decades, legislators...

Ban Internet Taxation, Says Diverse Group to Hill

A bi-partisan group of multicultural stakeholders united in asking congressional leadership to permanently extend the moratorium on Internet taxation by passing the Permanent Internet...

Leading Civil Rights Advocates Challenge FCC Rule Comprising Constitutional Freedoms

The nation’s largest civil rights groups recently wrote the Federal Communications Commission protesting a proposed staff recommendation that would require respondents to Commission proceedings...

When the TV Goes Black

How a dispute between CBS and Time Warner Cable Affects You Millions of subscribers are going without news programming and favorite shows like Under the Dome or...

Dallas Redistricting Leaves Latino Community Conflicted

Originally published by VOXXI as “Latinos Divided over Dallas redistricting." BY TONY CASTRO A lawsuit alleging that a Dallas redistricting map, drawn up by the city council, discriminates against Latinos...

The Future Depends on Technology, Competition and Innovation

We are in the midst of a broad conversation about the future of the Internet.

NAACP Sounds Right Note Joining Organizations to Oppose Racial Profiling Bills

The NAACP sent a strongly worded letter to the State of Florida, urging legislators there to oppose bills – HB 7089 and SB 2040, which the NAACP believes are racially and ethnically discriminatory.

Joint Center Explores Impact of Broadband Plan on Underserved

A program of the Joint Center's Media and Technology Institute (MTI), this event was geared toward discerning progress in implementing the Plan.

LULAC, Time Warner Cable Launch New Tech Center in Charlotte

Time Warner Cable and the League of United Latin American Citizens have partnered to activate the “Empower Hispanic America Technology Center” in Charlotte, North Carolina.