Friday, April 20, 2018
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DREAMers to Obama: Executive Order Now

There's a national movement of Latino youth brewing - and they want something done about the DREAM Act now

Puerto Rico Attempts Bail Reform (Again)

Yet again, Puerto Rico is split in halves regarding an upcoming bail reform vote

Oklahoma City Thunder and Stolen Dreams

This is not about LeBron - this is about owners who lie and cheat and hold cities hostage then line their pockets

Maybe Lauryn Hill Should Join the Tea Party

If you're a high profile Black celebrity with tax problems, lean right

Florida Governor Rejects DoJ on Vote Purge

As Florida's Governor defies the Attorney General, some say that DoJ must go to court - in an election year

Jackson, Conyers Push Increase in Minimum Wage

Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL) teams up with Ralph Nader to push the minimum wage to $10

Chocolate City’s Last Black Politicians

Let's just keep it real, fam: this is the official end of Chocolate City. Get over it and keep moving to Prince George's County

When Black People Don’t Play Baseball

When only 8% of professional baseball players are Black, that's not just a problem for baseball

NBA Superstars Heading Overseas During Lockout?

With both sides of the NBA lockout firmly entrenched in their positions and no meetings scheduled for the foreseeable future, many players are making...

Jay-Z Under Investigation by NBA for Kentucky Visit

In the end, Jay-Z can expect a hefty fine for his seemingly innocent trip into Kentucky’s locker room. The Wildcats have two definite first-round picks on their team, but it is uncertain whether Jay-Z said anything to them to convince them to leave school early.