Tuesday, March 20, 2018
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Kendrick Meek Reflects on Passing of Rep. Donald M. Payne

Congressman Payne was a true advocate for his constituents.

In Florida, Mike Haridopolos Quits Run for U.S. Senate

Mike Haridopolos announced Monday he was dropping his bid for the Republication nomination to challenge Democrat Bill Nelson’s reelection to the U.S. Senate in 2012.

Kendrick Meek among Obama Nominees to the United Nations

President Barack Obama will nominate former Florida Congressman Kendrick Meek as one of three U.S. representatives to the United Nations General Assembly, which opens...

Washington Applauds Kendrick Meek and New Role with Politic365

Hundreds of Washington's decision makers and power brokers turned out this week to honor Kendrick Meek and to show their support for him in his new role as chairman of the Editorial Board of Politic365.

Kendrick Meek Tapped to Chair Politic365 Editorial Board

The Honorable Kendrick B. Meek, a former Congressman representing Florida’s 17th congressional district, has joined Politic365 as chairman of its Editorial Board. In this position, Meek will guide the publication’s growth and development of news, perspective and commentary for American decision leaders, focusing first on penetrating communities of color.

Where Meek Ended Up…and Where He Might Go

Though his current trajectory may have been thrown off by Tuesday's election, there's much still in store for Kendrick Meek.

A Look At the Landscape As Midterms Loom Large

With midterms less than twenty-four hours away, Politic365.com takes a look at key races and the candidates to beat.

Kendrick Meek’s Battle to the Finish: It’s Where He’s From

Having overcome a life full of adversity and uphill battles, Congressman Kendrick Meek is rallying hard toward U.S. Senate.

Crist Party Defection Could Change FL Election Laws

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist's defection from the Republican party not only changed the dynamic of the Florida Senate race, but also set the stage for changes in Florida election law.

FL Senate and Gubernatorial Races in Two Different Directions

With midterms rapidly approaching, political sentiment in Florida is shifting in interesting ways.