Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Remembering Alex Okrent

“Alex Okrent possessed a tenacious drive and an indefatigable spirit, both of which he applied in the fierce pursuit to further progressive values in the election,...

Forget Jobs, Poverty or Debt – GOP Holds Abortion Vote

With only 58 days left on the legislative calendar for the year, what did House Republicans debate for hours? Jobs, taxes, the debt or...

The Rich Get Richer, But the Poor Waste Time Online

The "digital divide," at one time, was the problem. Now that's it's closed, is too much digital holding low income kids back?

In Jobless Numbers, Obama Gets Black and Brown Bruises

Bad jobs numbers causes the debate to shift from Bain to the President's handling of the economy

The John Edwards Hide-A-Mistress Super PAC

What in the name of Ken Starr was the Justice Department doing pursuing this case?

Bath Salts and Zombies: A Cautionary Tale

A flesh eating "zombie" incident in Miami provides context for a cautionary tale into volatile times

FOX Should Have No Friends After Anti-Obama Cheap Shot

Not only are FOX viewers the least educated, but the cable channel shows just how dangerously obtuse and partisan it is

DOJ to Florida: Stop the Vote Purge

After a period of silence on Florida's voter purge, Eric Holder's Justice Department gets involved

Warning to John Edwards: Cheaters Have More Heart Attacks

A new study showing cheaters are more likely to have heart attacks is too late for John Edwards

Junior Seau: Using Sports to Leave the Hood Went Wrong

Seau's death will leave us wondering if we're putting our kids in contact sports too soon