Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Will Training Program Get Jobless Back to Work Faster?

A new initiative pushes back against critics attempting to paint a portrait of Obama as a "welfare state" President

Will Unemployment Benefits Be Extended?

The failure of the Super Committee last week has tripped a deadline for unemployment benefits. The benefits are set to expire in 32 days...

Adding Jobs, but Not Many, U.S. Economy Seems to Idle

As an increasing number of economists have warned of a possible dip back into recession, the Labor Department said Friday

Cain Should Hire Pauline Pearce; That Darn Jobs Thing; The Hole...

Republicans might want to hire Black Brit Pauline Pearce for some outreach consulting; Not those pesky jobless numbers again; Biden gives the 2012 sales pitch - for real?

Black Unemployment on the Rise as More People Enter the Job...

Unlike their white counterparts who saw their unemployment rate decrease to 8.0% in August from 8.1% in July, African Americans saw their unemployment rate increase to 16.7% in August from 15.9% in July.

National Urban League and NAACP Presidents Meet With President Obama

“It is clear that the unemployment numbers throughout the country require effective legislation and tangible action to address the crisis. To address the unemployment...

Michele Bachmann — Obama Has Failed Black America

Candidate for the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination, Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, took a jab at President Obama Tuesday. At the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Bachmann called out the first term President by appealing to his base, African American voters.