Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Emanuel Denied Mayoral Bid, Could Boost Moseley-Braun

The Illinois State Court of Appeals ruled this week that Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama's former chief of staff is ineligible to remain on Chicago's election ballot.

Davis Drops Out of Chi-town Mayoral Race, Clinton Causing Tension

As the holiday season came to a close, the crowded field of African American candidates for the hotly contested Chicago Mayoral race seemed to evaporate overnight.

As Meeks Pulls Out, Emanuel Surges Ahead in Chicago Mayoral Race

Keeping with his penchant for polemic flare and independent style, the Rev. State Sen. James Meeks abruptly pulled out of his quixotic bid for Mayor of Chicago.

An Emerging Racial Edge in Chicago Mayoral Race

The battle for Mayor in the windy and very chilly city of Chicago has been heating up in recent weeks as the campaign rhetoric is noticeably more racial in edge.

Effort to Draft Burris Into Crowded Chicago Mayoral Race Underway

Eager to revive his legacy and recover from the taint of former and convicted Gov. Rob Blagojevich’s (D-IL) corruption scandal, outgoing Sen. Roland Burris (D-IL) is making a silent, yet aggressive exploratory bid for Mayor of Chicago.

Emanuel Shows Fundraising Edge, but Tough Battle Ahead in Chicago

Sources close to Democratic Chicago Mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel claim that the former White House chief of staff has raked in more than $3.6 million in campaign funding.