Monday, February 19, 2018
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Iran, Trump, African Americans and American Hypocrisy

The ongoing protests in Iran have recently dominated the American news cycle. The issues that brought the protest to the United States’ attention are complex and nuanced. It...

An initial nuclear deal reached with Iran: what does it mean?

Early Sunday, the U.S. along with five other countries (France, Great Britain, Germany, China and Russia) achieved a nuclear deal with Iran. This comes...

The Romney Doctrine: GOP Nominee Backed Into Corner on Foreign Policy

Despite apparently putting Obama in the ground during last week’s first presidential debate, I still feel sorry for Mitt Romney sometimes. For all of...

Eat Mor ChiKin’: Black Church Group Comes Out to Support Chick-Fil-A

It never ceases to amaze me just how political chicken can be. Earlier this year people were screaming about that the Burger King Chicken...

Rap and Radical Islam: A Hazardous Combination

When the Iranian government puts out global bounties on rappers they disagree with, you know we've got a problem

Ei Brasil – It’s (not just) Your Economy, Stupid

Growing economic power Brazil hasn't figured out its place in the world, yet.

If Iran Builds Missiles in Our Backyard, Do We Build a...

Iran is building missiles in South America while Republicans are focused on illegal immigrants

Obama’s Cool Pose on Iran

While Obama plays it cool, Bibi and Republicans wile out

Obama’s Secret War in Syria

This President knows how to wage war, too - he's just quiet about it

The Political Gas Face in Gas Prices

Who will end up with gas in the face come November?