Monday, April 23, 2018
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58% to 42%: Maryland DREAM Act Wins Big

Maryland's DREAM Act, a law passed by the state senate earlier this year, that would allow undocumented youth to attend public institutions of higher...

McCain? Reagan? Where Have the Immigration Reform Republicans Gone?

It’s almost a political given these days that Democrats are “pro-immigration” and Republicans “anti-immigration.” Of course, this is a simplistic view, and misses the...

GOP Doubles Down on Immigration in Platform Courtesy of Kris Kobach

Kris Kobach, the Kansas Secretary of State and author of Arizona's tough immigration law SB 1070, is influencing the GOP platform process in terms...

SB 1070 Ruling Refocuses Attention on Secure Communities and ICE

Monday's Supreme Court decision that allowed a portion of SB 1070 (Section 2B) to stand included the measure empowering the state to require local law enforcement to...

Memo To Supreme Court: Let the Feds Fix Immigration

A patchwork of state-passed immigration laws does nothing to fix the broken process of legal immigration

SB 1070: On a Collision Course With Demographics

Politic365 talks with immigration policy expert Angela Kelley about SB 1070

No Love in Alabama

Alabama's silly anti-immigration law has thousands of kids disappearing from schools and food crops rotting on the vine.