Monday, February 19, 2018
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At $119 per day, Immigrant Detention Too Costly in Sequester Crisis

According to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the average cost for holding an undocumented immigrant in detention is $119 per day. Yet alternative methods...

DREAMing Voter ID and Presidential Evolution

The President's DREAM Act ploy could have far reaching consequences for voter ID measures

Obama’s Immigration Reprieve? Maybe

Undocumented, but in a family full of U.S. citizens? Obama might have something for you

How Georgia’s Anti-Immigration Law Could Hurt the Nation’s Economy

In April, Georgia enacted H.B.87, an anti-immigration law that mirrors Arizona’s ill-fated 2010 law, S.B.1070. Arizona suffered $141m in losses. What will Georgia's fate be?

Not All Latinos Want Amnesty, Not All Republicans Want Deportation

Immigration is not the number one concern for all Hispanics.

Obama Administration Urges Passage of the DREAM Act

The Obama Administration has signaled its support of legislation that would carve a path to citizenship for youth and young adults who were brought to the United States illegally.

Democrats Propose to Make Illegal Immigrants Americans by Choice

The immigration law just passed in Arizona has me in a quandary - while I can empathize deeply with the desire of undocumented workers...