Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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#YouCanTouchMyHair, a New York Social Experiment into Black Hair

Black women let strangers touch their varying manes for a social experiment in New York City recently. The exhibit, "You Can Touch My Hair",...

Increasing and Improving STEM Education and Access to Technology

For generations, black innovators have made great contributions to global advancement in the fields of science and technology. Through the development of numerous labor-saving...

Davis Tells Black Politicos to Kiss His Bumper on Voter ID

Bit of chatter in Black political circles about former Alabama Rep. Artur Davis’ (D-AL) rather peculiar about-face op-ed in his state’s largest newspaper regarding...

Huffpost Slaps Back: Obama Didn’t Try to Save Troy Davis

Obama was pressed on the Davis issue, he told the group that his hands were tied.

Chicago Woman Learns Hard Lesson — Don’t Record Meeting With Police

In Chicago, think twice before you record a police officer. Just ask Tiawanda Moore, who challenged the conduct of a police officer who was called to...

Should Blacks Celebrate Civil War History?

Many argue that we are now living in a post racial society. So why do we still celebrate Black History month in February?

State and Local Budget Shortfalls Mean A New Recession for Black...

Major shifts in employment at the state and local level are likely to disproportionally impact communities of color, particularly African American communities.

Healthcare Debate Reveals Political Theatre of GOP

How popular this measure to repeal is will be determined next week should the debate appear to linger on past the first few days of debate and voting.

New Media: The Next Frontier for Congressman Rangel

Congressman Rangel wants "to utilize every possible means of communication to interact with everyone in [his] district." Like us, he believes that "engagement with cutting-edge technology not only enhances our democracy but empowers us as we compete with the rest of the world."