Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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5 Things You Need to Know About Super Tuesday

And other stuff Latinos should pay attention to

Laura Richardson’s Redistricting Mess

From redistricting to an ethics probe, it's not a good year for the California Congresswoman

To the Blago End

It seems like a week of fallen, disgraced politicians. First, it was Herman Cain with his inevitable, yet stubborn campaign suspension announcement replete with Pokemon...

Redistricting, Politics and Lobbyists

One would think that the process of redrawing district lines and permanently altering communities while simultaneously defining which political party will be crowned the party with the most political muscle for the next 10 years would receive a bit more media coverage.

House Ethics Chair Says Attorney Shuffles During Waters’ Probe Were Wrong

The Republican chair of the House Committee on Ethics has spoken out against his Democratic predecessor in a staffing shakeup related to the Maxine Waters ethics probe of 2010.

Defying Political Odds, Rangel Files for Re-election

Recent signals suggest the Dean of the New York Congressional delegation and former House Ways and Means Chairman is looking for another term.

Rangel: Been There, Done That

No brief spotlight or magazine profile can do him justice. The life of Rep. Charlie Rangel reads like a gripping political thriller.

A Conversation with Charlie Rangel

Seeking makeover in the wake of his ethics debacle, Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) is beginning to offer expanded interviews with press.

Waters Withdraws Resolution, Wants Public Debate

In a new twist, Rep. Maxine Waters issued an eleventh hour statement indicating her intent to withdraw the privileged resolution regarding the House Ethics Committee's actions.

Waters Hits Ethics Committee With Resolution

Intensifying her public relations offensive against the House Ethics Committee, Rep. Maxine Waters has entered a “privileged resolution” seeking investigation into the Ethics Committee practices and procedures.