Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Three Reasons The Fray of Primaries Matter

There are a few, but very critical reasons why you need to watch those primary colors - and vote for them, as well.

Fear of a Brown Planet?

Hispanics are taking over - but, we're hard to find on TV

Are Puerto Ricans the Key to a Republican Victory?

Now that the Republican race is tighter than lil Wayne’s pants at the VMAs, candidates seeking to grab electoral votes in the Sunshine State may want...

LIVE365: Jeneba Ghatt Talks Black Greeks and Hazing

Politic365's Senior Correspondent Jeneba Jalloh Ghatt was on the Urban Media Network to talk about her recent controversial piece titled “Are Black Greeks More Violent than White...

Why a Romney-Rubio Ticket Wouldn’t Be Smart

With the Romney campaign weaving a narrative of inevitability despite the neck and neck, stunning statistical tie with Rick Santorum in the Iowa caucuses, the talk...

President Obama’s Agenda and the Hispanic Community

The White House held a briefing outlining the President’s accomplishments for the Hispanic community as well as his plans for the future.