Friday, April 20, 2018
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Because the GOP Lacks Vision: The Case for Obama’s Re-election

TAMPA, FLA. — I am grateful that Wisconsin Congressman, Paul Ryan, the Republican tapped for the number-two slot on the GOP campaign team determined...

Not All Black Republicans are “Sell-Outs”: Re-Thinking Artur Davis

The Republican party has a pretty consistent although anemic relationship with African American voters and politicians. Since the 1970’s the GOP’s percentage of the...

“They Just Send Your Welfare Check” – Romney’s Desperate Welfare Ad

It's the 'ol 'Blacks are on welfare and Whites are working hard and getting screwed.' — Chris Matthews on MSNBC, 8/7/12 They just send you your...

What the President Could Have Said During His Visit to Chicago

It would have been nice if President Obama had made a few comments about the violence in his hometown

What Should Black Republicans Ask For?

Black Republicans have got to establish a plan beyond expressing a disdain for President Obama

What Will It Take for Republicans to See?

If the latest census numbers and other clues don't do it, we're not sure what will get through to the GOP

Are Voters Masters of Hate … or Love?

Every politician becomes a little "Etch A Sketchy" when appealing to their base. And voters have the power to stop it.

Mitt Romney is The Cardiac Kid

Romney didn't make a comback, but he is giving conservatives a collective heart attack

10 Examples Where Wealth is a Political Liability

Beware: you could lose votes when your money shows

The Cain Train That Stopped in South Carolina

So, while we’re all trying to piece together the State of the Union and wrapping our heads around Florida, little noticed is the small...