Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Paul Ryan’s Hope Could Be America’s Nightmare

Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee announced that he has selected  Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as his vice presidential running mate.  Conservatives are hoping against hope that this...

Missed Foreign Opportunities Won’t Be Soon Missed

The criticism over Mitt Romney's performance overseas recently won't mean much by the time the general election kicks into full swing. There has been a...

NC State Lawmakers Reject Obamacare and SCOTUS Ruling

North Carolina lawmakers have it clear that despite Thursday's landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling they have no plans to meet a deadline to create...

Even if Obama Wins, His Legacy Continues to Lose

Regardless of how all of the votes in Washington turn out for President Obama this week, his presidential legacy will likely continue to take...

Cashing In On Healthcare

The healthcare political and legal debate has been a bonanza.

Political Wins (and Losses) at All Costs

Politic365 Contributor McAllister's weekend remix delves into politics at the Supreme Court

On #Obamacare, Have Chickens Come Home to Roost?

This law was destined for Supreme Court review from the time it was signed.

The Afghanistan Massacre: Murder or Sleep Violence?

There were warning signs before Sgt. Bales' horrific shooting spree in Afghanistan.

#Trayvon Martin and a Look at “Stand Your Ground”

Raw emotion and politics rule the day in Trayvon Martin case. Time to take a look at Florida's infamous self-defense law.

#Obamacare’s Supreme Court Winners and Losers

Let's face it: the Supreme Court review of health care reform is all politics. Here's a take on what the spin will be.