Saturday, April 21, 2018
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Senator Harry Reid announces retirement, eyes turn toward Nevada’s Latino electorate

Today Nevada Senator Harry Reid announced his retirement. The Senate Minority Leader insisted that this announcement had nothing to do with a recent eye...

Ted Cruz has no regrets on govt shutdown, blames President Obama...

Republican Senator Ted Cruz has dug in his heels again. While even his GOP colleagues criticized his role in prompting a government shutdown in...

In Nevada, Romney Goes All In, But Silver State Latinos Will...

In the swing state of Nevada, 45.8% of registered voters are Democrats, 37.3% are Republicans. If solidly blue California’s voter rolls parallel these numbers with 44%...

While Ryan Budget Passes, Don’t Mess With the Medicare

Reluctant GOP support for their colleague's cut happy spending bill is a sign of political caution in 2012.

Redistricting Battle Royale in 2012

Republican rear-guard games with redistricting only hurt them in the long run

Top 4 Reasons Paul Ryan’s Budget Isn’t All That Bad

Rep. Ryan gives us a long game. But, Democrats choose to shut it down with eyes wide shut.

Obama Camp Memo Hits GOP on Latino Support

The GOP just bungled November, so says an Obama Camp memo on Latino voters

Navarro: Latino Make or Break in Florida

Waiting for Florida primary results, Politic365 talks with Ana Navarro. On the day of the Florida Republican primary for president, Politic365 talks with Ana...

Romney’s Three Amigos: Rick, Ron and Latinos

In many ways, Mitt fits in Florida.