Saturday, March 24, 2018
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MS Personhood Amendment Fails at Polls

In other news, Mississippi voters also soundly defeated a ballot initiative that would have declared life beginning at fertilization - also known as the...

Stakes High in MS, but GOP Still Wins Gov. Race

Let’s talk about some other Black folks running for higher office these days. Known by little outside of Mississippi was a spirited race for Governor...

The Dark Legacy of “Tar Baby,” “Boy” and Other Racial Slurs

The beauty in Lamborn's ignorance is that it forces us to deal with our latent biases instead of neatly sweeping them aside.

Florida Poll Shows Obama Losing to GOP Candidates if Election Held...

A new poll predicts trouble ahead for President Barack Obama in Florida, a state he carried in the 2008 election.

Barbour Struggles to Escape Good Ol’ Boy Image

Barbour aspires to the top seat of American government right out of the governorship of a state with the worst rankings in quality of life, healthcare, poverty, mortality, and prison population.

AKAs Say “No, Thanks” to Governor Rick Scott’s Wife

Remarks by Governor Rick Scott have many grouping him with the likes of Governors Haley Barbour of Mississippi and John Kasich of Ohio.

Haley Barbour’s Southern Political Tap Dance

Giving signals of a run for President in 2012, Republican Governor Haley Barbour of Mississippi appears engaged in his own racial tap dance of monumental proportions.

After RNC, Where Does Steele Go from Here?

Among the many questions over the central committee’s fate is: what happens to Steele? Where does he go from here?

Scott Sisters Free, Haley Barbour Attempts Atonement

Barbour is taking this "atonement-for-the-Presidency" business seriously. In addition to freeing the Scott sisters, he appointed an African American Chancery Court Judge.

Steele Obvious Underdog as RNC Chair Debate Underway

As the Republican National Committee’s Winter Meeting gets underway, the wide field for RNC Chair is slowly shrinking down to the finalists.