Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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‘One Nation Working Together’ Rally Pushes for More Inclusive Liberal Politics

Liberal voices came together this weekend to give a voice to working class, activist community of America.

Insurgent Republicans and Their Government Shutdowns

The latest bizarre love affair between some Republicans and Tea Party conservatives is with the idea of a wholesale government shutdown, something we haven’t seen or heard since 1995.

Thousands Converge for Reclaim the Dream, Restoring Honor Rallies

Estimates ranged from 100,000 to organizers boasting nearly half-a-million in describing the wave of people who converged on the National Mall Saturday to watch FOX talk show host Glenn Beck’s controversial “Restoring Honor” rally showcasing major conservative activists. Several miles away, thousands more were present at Dunbar High School in Northwest Washington, D.C. for a competing “Reclaim the Dream” rally organized by the Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network with support from the NAACP, National Urban League and other prominent civil rights organization.

Revisiting the March on Washington: Honor, Homage or Heresy?

As compelling as Beck’s choice of date and venue will be the resulting clash of grand political movements intersecting ideological corners on that same day.

Obama: The Wartime President Who Is Not

He's doesn't really see himself as a wartime President. And the American public, which is so absorbed by economic crisis and ecological apocalypse that it finds itself forgetting about war, shouldn't expect him to act like one.

Tyler Perry Is Glenn Beck’s ‘Hero’ Really

By Jeff Mays Glenn Beck thinks social or economic justice are code words for Nazism or communism, and he called President Barack Obama a racist, but he can't get...

Massa’s Mouth Multiplies Media Mistakes

After resigning his House seat on Tuesday, Ex-Congressman Eric Massa appears to be suffering from a case of "situational apologia" as he made his...