Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Latino Unemployment for January 9.7%

For January, the Latino unemployment rate largely mirrored the general unemployment rate, slightly increasing to 9.7% from 9.6% in December 2012. Overall, the national...

South Carolina, Your Electric Rates Are Going Up and That’s Good

South Carolina residents may have seen an increase in electricity rates.

How Much Does “The White Elephant in the Room” Really Matter...

Even if Mitt Romney continues to be painted as the “whitest,” gaffe-prone, most “out-of-touch” presidential candidate in decades by the media, campaign ads, and...

Can Black America Benefit from a Republican Congress?

Would Black Americans overtly split their vote? It depends on the numbers

Is this Your Grandfather’s Republican Party?

One thing we're learning this Memorial Day, is that politicians put party before country.

With a Jobs Report Like This, Why Obama Is No Reagan

With a lackluster economy and stubborn unemployment, President Obama can't claim an inner Ronald Reagan

What GDP Will Mean for the Next Jobs Report

Graduating students have six months before starting loan repayment plans. Hopefully, they'll find a job - yeah, right.

Hitting the Right Note in Cartagena

Despite a bumpy, scandal-ridden trip to Colombia, the President is hitting the right stride in Latin America

Companies Continue to Flock to Brazil

Cisco Investing $550 million in Brazil’s Emerging Economy

What Happens to Healthcare When Troops Come Home?

While we're excited about the troops coming back home, we need to pay attention to their healthcare costs