Monday, February 19, 2018
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Is The Gaza Bombardment the First Twitter War?

By Dustin Mendus As tensions in Gaza have boiled into armed conflict yet again (although right now there's a fragile cease-fire), quite a few people...

Why Israel Should Intervene in Syria

Israel can actually relieve Arab suffering with its warplanes

Helen Thomas Missed the Memo

Thomas’ ugly public resignation is about more than Helen Thomas. She was the example, her demise a timely convenience for the pro-Israeli side of the Gaza incident to strike back with equal fervor. What we’ve been seeing this past week is a rare and unusually comfortable public questioning of Israel. Thomas isn’t the only one; she was, merely, the most outspoken.

Obama Too Slow to Condemn Israel Raid

As I prepare to leave for my trip to Turkey, I am struck by video on the web showing public protests in Istanbul and...