Monday, February 19, 2018
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Askia Muhammad: LGBT=Sí; Afro=NO

By Askia Muhammad Can there be any doubt about the duplicity of White America after the final decisions in the Supreme Court’s 2013 term were...

The Rise of Support Networks for LGBT Teens

Over the past few years we have seen a dramatic turn around in the way that people view the LGBT community. We now have...

Black, Gay, and the Struggle with Marriage Equality

I often find myself pondering whether the LGBT movement is becoming one based on entitlement and privilege.

Cuba’s First Transgender Elected Official Takes Office

Adela Hernandez made history this month as Cuba’s first transgender elected officer.  Hernandez, 48, was elected delegate to the municipal government of Caibarien in...

Mitt Romney and the GOP: When Truth Hurts More Than Losing

By Daryl Gale of the Philadelphia Tribune OK, Republicans, we’ll go over this one last time: I am Black. I voted for President Barack Obama. I...

Is this Your Grandfather’s Republican Party?

One thing we're learning this Memorial Day, is that politicians put party before country.

Politics is a Team Sport

In Arizona and elsewhere, the GOP underestimates Voters of Color

The Failure of Adults and the Forgotten Poor

We're failing to demand more attention and resources for the neediest among us.

Affirmative Action Faces Its Toughest Test Yet

The latest affirmative action case before the Supreme Court is scary

The GOP Needs a Cadillac Strategy

Just like they saved Cadillac during the Depression, Blacks could save the GOP