Monday, March 19, 2018
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Healthcare Reform Ruling Could Be Obama’s Lolo Jones

We could be in for another hot summer of health care battles - which could be good for the President

The War on Drugs the Cuomo Way

The New York governor's welcome and politically smart move may end NYPD arrests for low-level marijuana possession

Obama vs. Romney: It’s Going to be a Long Night

Neither President Obama or Mitt Romney have this election in the bag - so the polls say

Will Obama be a Survivor Post-Announcement and Newsweek?

The first polls are trickling in after last week's announcement - but, it's still all foggy

Why Gas Prices Really Don’t Matter

Memo to Democrats and Obama: you need not worry about gas prices killing your White House re-election chances

TJ Holmes, Political Stars, and What’s “Unforgivable”

McAllister raps with newsman TJ Holmes about voter attitudes

Is it the Gas Prices … Stupid??

Obama is probably the first president to admit he can't control gas prices. But, will that matter?

Voter ID Puts Texas On Its Own … For Now

DOJ slaps back on Lone Star state's poll tax disguised as a anti-voter fraud law

What Trayvon Martin Says About Our Politics

A tragic killing of a Black boy speaks volumes to what's happening this election cycle

Turner Brings Viagra Politics to Ohio

You gotta love the Ohio State Senator for this latest stunt ... unless you're a male Republican