Monday, February 19, 2018
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This Vet Not For Romney

Presidential contender, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, is a Chickenhawk who talks fast and loose, and is willing to jeopardize American lives.

How Our Black Punditry Has Failed Us

The number of Black American commenters we see on cable television and in social media appear to have mushroomed over the past four years....

John Roberts: It Feels Good 2 Be a Gangsta

Let's stop acting like the Supreme Court doesn't read polls, too

FOX Should Have No Friends After Anti-Obama Cheap Shot

Not only are FOX viewers the least educated, but the cable channel shows just how dangerously obtuse and partisan it is

Where Were You When Rush Was Blasting Black Folks?

Oh, that's right - we aren't White enough.

Did Media Drop the Ball on “Super Committee” Education?

It’s November 23, 2011. The world, according to most media outlets, was supposed to come to an end today because the Joint Special Committee...

Burt Hummel for Congress

So here’s what you missed: Since its inception, the writers of Glee have dabbled in socio-political story lines: home foreclosures, bullying, and unfair distribution...

Scandalous Herman; “In Living Color” is Back; Direct TV Battles FOX

Cain Questioned on Sexual Harassment Well it was bound to happen. Politico has started off this week’s news cycle with a huge story that alleges...

Perry Catches Fire With Media, but Romney Has the Numbers Against...

Rising stars can slip fast in politics, especially when campaigns emerge on the horizon.  Despite the hype surrounding the swagger of Texas Gov. Rick...

Congrats Will & Kate, but Why All the Press Coverage?

The American media industry is severely challenged when it comes to social consciousness and responsibility.