Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Loretta Lynch confirmed, becoming first Black female Attorney General

Loretta Lynch has been confirmed by a vote of 56-43 to become the nation's Attorney General. She will succeed former attorney general Eric Holder. Lynch...

Would A Comcast, Time Warner Cable Merger Benefit Minorities?

One day before Valentine’s Day, Comcast Corporation – the largest cable provider in the country and owner of NBCUniversal – announced its plan to merge with Time Warner Cable, the fourth largest paid television service in the nation behind Comcast, Dish Network and DirecTV.

Summary of President Obama’s NSA Surveillance Reform Address

President Obama's speech left privacy advocates unsatisfied because they feel he did not go far enough to restrain government prying, while the Intelligence Community would have preferred not to see any changes, as they are tasked with protecting our National security.

Mandatory minimum sentences for low level drug offenders to be examined

On Monday, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the Department of Justice would take steps to limit harsh mandatory minimum sentences to low level...

State of Black America 2013 | Redeem the Dream: JOBS Rebuild...

“What is the State of Black America?” This question is so complex that every year the National Urban League provides an answer in their...

CNN’s Stupid Eric Holder Poll

When credible pollsters ask questions and sample polls that lack credibility

John Roberts: It Feels Good 2 Be a Gangsta

Let's stop acting like the Supreme Court doesn't read polls, too

You Mean This Fast and Furious?

Why is Congress concerned about a movie?

Is the GOP Getting Eric Holder Out of the Way?

Could a recent move to hold Eric Holder in contempt simply be a move to keep him off voter suppression?

The March on Gun Shops Double Standard

Black leaders are applying double standards and inconsistent methodologies to our issues