Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Political Wins (and Losses) at All Costs

Politic365 Contributor McAllister's weekend remix delves into politics at the Supreme Court

Could You Really Be #Trayvon?

You have no idea what it's like to be a Black man vs. a White guy with a 100 pound advantage and a gun

Will Somebody Please Check These Mikes?

Somebody tell the President you can't discuss sensitive nuclear negotiations over open microphones

What Do So Many Democrats Have Against the Black Caucus Budget?

75 Dems voted against the CBC budget - with 239 Republicans. What's up with that?

A Liberal Dose of Confusion

By Raynard Jackson As America celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. ‘s birthday this week and is getting ready to celebrate Black History Month in February,...

Consumer Rights Agency Stonewalled

African Americans use payday lending services and fare worst in this current economy disproportionate to their numbers, while also suffering from negative credit reporting...

12 Members of Congress Live Like 49 Million in Poverty

(Special from Crewof42) Members of Congress are accustomed to making $174,000 a year and $476 a day before taxes. That changed for seven days for...

Young, Engaged, Under 35 — the Staff Behind the CBC

The youngest staff the CBC has ever had, this awe-inspiring group is all under 35 years of age.

Urban Jobs Act Seeks to Address Youth Unemployment Crisis

Slowly but surely, the economy is improving. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the private sector created 244,000 new jobs in April—and more than 800,000 since the beginning of the year. That’s great news. But this positive job growth has largely bypassed urban communities.

Cleaver Keeps it Real from Show Me State to Capitol Hill

The newly minted Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus has the distinction of being one of the few members within the Caucus to represent a district that is majority White. It’s considered an oddity within a Caucus that can attribute its growth to the explosion of majority-Black Congressional districts under the Voting Rights Act – and it’s typically assumed that all CBC Members represent overwhelmingly African American and urban districts. But, Cleaver’s 5th Congressional district is a bit under 30% Black, which may be a testament to his political skill and acumen in a state like Missouri.