Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Roland Martin is not GLAAD

There are two things that I know for sure: I am not happy and Roland Martin is not GLAAD

Black Man on Fire: Allen West Wants His Job

There could be a Romney vs. West showdown at this weekend's CPAC

Mitt’s Really Big CPAC Problem

Mitt Romney probably wants to pass on CPAC, but he really can't.

Priorities USA: Welcome to the Dark Side, Mr. President

President Obama’s reluctant support of a SuperPAC poses super dilemmas

Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri: Everybody Hates Mitt

Mitt has money, delegates and the establishment. But, he's got no fans.

Republican Road Shows and the Year of Division

GOP primary gives a glimpse into an ugly electoral future

Proposition 8 Might Have a Black and Brown Problem

Could Proposition 8 pose a Black and Brown dilemma for the left?

GLAAD’s Blackophobia and the War on Black Men

GLAAD should change its name to the "GLKKK"

The Poor as Politically Expendable

Romney helped put the spotlight on poor

Why Black Women Aren’t Cougars

While not Cougars, Black women are the most critical national swing vote