Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Senate GOP Leaders May Entice Conservative Senate Dems

Looking to close the slim 53 Democrat to 47 GOP Member gap in the upper chamber, there are reports of Republican leadership quietly approaching conservative Democrats from openly “red” states about party switching.

Crist Party Defection Could Change FL Election Laws

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist's defection from the Republican party not only changed the dynamic of the Florida Senate race, but also set the stage for changes in Florida election law.

Early Voting Ramps Up With Midterms Around The Corner

More than half the US is already engaged in early voting leading up to the November 2nd elections.

Steele’s Island Hopping Irritating Some in GOP

Michael Steele is logging quite a few travel hours in the U.S. Territories, bouncing between Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and the Mariana Islands.

The New Face of Voter Intimidation

Speaking of voter intimidation, it’s important to note that the Indiana Supreme Court recently upheld one of the most “stringent” set of Voter ID laws in the country. That case, which could be U.S. Supreme Court bound, deserves closer examination and headlines rather than the ratings race to sensationalize a fractured circle of soapbox activists. The real encroachment on voter rights is not the New Black Panther Party roaming streets with billy clubs.

Hustling for a Senate Seat

It’s not simply a matter of money can buy you power, which is certainly the case when parsing through the numbers. But, it also says something about the business of politics and the direction the industry has been headed for some time. How much do the consultants, designers, pollsters and experts cost? Surely, that raising the premiums on both primaries and general elections. And, despite the dreadful economic climate, how are candidates raising these obscene sums?