Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Hip Hop Leaders Russell Simmons, Common Encourage Young Blacks to Vote

In an effort to spur increased voter enthusiasm, the DNC has engaged musicians and cultural icons to help promote the importance of the Nov. 2 midterm elections.

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick Participates in Final Debate Ahead of Election

With a week left before Election Day, the state of Massachusetts could possibly send its African-American governor back to the statehouse for another four-year term.

Tea Partiers: Exempt Through Attitudes of Entitlement?

As elections near, many Tea Partiers conveniently forget the expectation of the American electorate that they be able to vote in qualified, knowledgeable people to represent them in higher offices.

Obama Emphasizes Importance of Voter Turnout At Midterms

As part of the DNC's effort to reach critical voters in advance of the midterms, President Obama implores people to get out and vote on November 2.

Voter Registration Deadlines Loom for November 2 General Election

The media frenzy has been growing about the midterm elections with only five weeks left before voters cast their ballots.

Candidates Request Michelle Obama’s Star Presence

Critics may be questioning the timing of First Lady Michelle Obama's recent trip to Spain with youngest daughter Sasha, but it's not her current...

Illinois Treasurer Race Heats Up for Robin Kelly

As the Nov. 2 election looms closer, candidates for state treasurer have increased their criticism of one another on key issues. Democrat Robin Kelly is...

Alabama Runoff Could Produce First Black Congresswoman

Today's runoff elections in Alabama may end in a historic election in November for its 7th Congressional District seat, no matter who wins a...