Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Facebooking Grandma, Tweeting Grandpa

We can learn old-school wisdom in new ways.

Overtime and Minimum Wage Proposed for Senior Care Workers

As more baby boomers age, the in-home care field will grow exponentially - yet workers do not qualify for minimum wage and overtime under...

Elderly Need Protection As Their Population Nears 2 Billion, Says UN

Protecting the rights of seniors is an ongoing discussion at the United Nations. The General Assembly established a working group last December to kick-off a global examination of the issue.

Social Security, Politricks & Black Poverty

How did something that works like a lifetime savings account end up as an "entitlement" in the first place?

Supportive Housing Helps the Needy Population of Massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts is pushing an all-inclusive idea to partner some of the state’s neediest residents with affordable housing and government services they may seek.