Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Legalizing Marijuana: Will Colorado End the Drug War?

The recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington State is an important development for both political and policy reasons. In Washington, Initiative 502 passed...

Everyone Gets The Lindsay Lohan Treatment w/ White House Drug Policy

Soon, celebrities like Lindsey Lohan won't be the only ones sentenced to rehab facilities instead of receiving jail time for crimes they commit while...

Obama Drug Czar Briefs on Crime Policy

The Drug Czar is one piece in a multi-faceted policy puzzle regarding federal crime policy. Many above him with larger bullhorns and bully pulpits...

What up hip hop?

Rap has the juice needed to awaken the sleeping giant to address many of the most important questions about our status in America such as why African Americans are incarcerated at rates unlike any other race and why we are the most negatively impacted by all the ills of America from unemployment to aids.

Congressman Rangel Offers Spirited Comments in Virtual Town Hall

U.S. Representative Charlie Rangel offered lively remarks, insights and commentary Thursday in a Virtual Town Hall where he took questions on preserving Medicare, creating more jobs, expanding broadband access, raising HIV/AIDS awareness, fighting drug use and other issues.

Florida, Land of Sun, Sand and Indoor Marijuana Farms

Florida is known for its beaches, its waters and its crazy politics. Now, add marijuana farming. Police say Florida is a leading locale for indoor pot farms.

Christensen Works to Ease Travel, Shipping Restrictions Between U.S. and Virgin...

Del. Donna Christensen met with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol and Trade Office officials in Puerto Rico on Tuesday to address the travel and shipping concerns of her constituents in the Virgin Islands.

Public Polling Will Shape Policy in Response to Arizona Shooting

While prognosticators and public officials struggle to provide political context on multiple meanings behind the shooting in Tuscon, Arizona, pollsters are beginning to take their first samples of American public opinion in the wake of the tragedy.

Rep. Bobby Rush Gets Real About Youth Violence

One Congressional district of many in America’s third-largest city offers a sobering reminder of the epidemic of youth violence in our communities.

NAACP Praises Reduced Disparity in Cocaine Sentences

The NAACP is thanking Congress and the president for a new law President Barack Obama signed Tuesday that will reduce the gap between federal mandatory...