Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Conrad Murray guilty in Michael Jackson’s death

Conrad Murray was convicted Monday of involuntary manslaughter in the drug-overdose death of singer Michael Jackson after a jury deliberated for two days.

Sharpton: “It’s Time We Take Our Country Back”

It’s high time we, the majority, take our country back.

The Republican Hand That Rocks the Cradle

In politics - and in debt "super committees" - every day is Ground Hogs Day.

Tenn. Lt. Gov. Thinks Unemployment Benefits Are a “Lifestyle”

Who is creating a “lifestyle” on $13K a year?

Kasich Crashing; Magic Immortal; Cain Feels the Pain

Kasich Crashing John Kasich may be bracing for what will be a huge punch in the political gut tomorrow. Issue 2 goes to a vote...

Detroit in a Bad Spot – Again

Some more disturbing news out of Detroit, which can't seem to shake the funk ... Steve Neavling, Detroit Free Press: The city of Detroit is on...

12 Members of Congress Live Like 49 Million in Poverty

(Special from Crewof42) Members of Congress are accustomed to making $174,000 a year and $476 a day before taxes. That changed for seven days for...

Cain/Gingrich 2012?

David Brody, CBN News (Editor's Note: Watch Brody drink the Kool Aid of that recent feel-good and very staged Lincoln-Douglass style debate between Herman Cain...

Do Federal Job Plans Work for African Americans?

African Americans saw just a little improvement in the economy as their unemployment rate ticked down from 16.0% in September to 15.1% in October...

Hold Up, Herman – New Poll Shows You’re Cresting

Steve Holland, Reuters Four in 10 poll respondents said the harassment issue had made them less favorable toward Cain. About one in three Republicans, or 35...